Article 1.- Name

TRi W.W.W. (Together Reaching illusions – World Winners Way),

Article 2.- Purposes

· These are the charity purposes:

2 a) Enable the practice of Sports to increase motivation for people with physical or mental disabilities, with special emphasis on children and youth, but extending to include all people suffering a disability of any kind.

2 b) Assist people with physical or mental disabilities resulting from birth or from illness, accidents, injuries, etc.. in everything they may need, both materially and psychologically, but especially in the field of motivation and the realisation of their dreams.

2 c) Promote participation of society in all areas, to support people with disabilities to have the greatest possible integration into this society.

2 d) Assist the families of disabled parents in all aspects, both physical and material and to get the aid needed for a decent life for people with disabilities.

2 e) Promote and support scientific research to improve the lives of people with disabilities both in the search for cures to diseases that cause disabilities and the search for tools and products that make life easier for disabled people.

2 f) Promote, support and ensure integration of disabled people including with any measure that would eliminate architectural barriers and provided it improves the lives of people with disabilities, adapted and individualised as well as any action relating to the search for such improvement.

2 g) Promote all kinds of activities aimed at the education of society, both in schools and other areas, to increase overall awareness for more and full integration of persons with disabilities.

2 h) Promote, organise, participate and collaborate in Sports and cultural events as well as actions of various kinds, enabling to gather funds for the development of the charity purposes.

2 i) Develop educational activities for the entire society in order to encourage participation and integration of people with disabilities.

Article 3.- Activities

· To fulfil its objectives the Association will organise the following activities:

3 a) Organise educational conferences, congresses, talks, roundtables, press conferences, and everything connected with it, and to assist those organised by other entities or people

3 b) Cultural events, sports and other activities within the framework of existing legislation that allows carrying out the work of awareness and the pursuit of funds to support people with disabilities

3 c) Work with famous athletes to make the charities objectives better known at regional level as well as national and international.

3 d) Activities of cooperation and solidarity with people with disabilities through acquisition and distribution of sports equipment, sports training, coaches, instructors and any other activity approved by the Board intended to achieve the aims of the Charity

3 e) Cooperation activities with projects from other countries and Third World

5 f) Cooperation and solidarity among its members without prejudice to the activities described above, the Charity for the fulfilment of its purposes, may:

3 g) Develop economic activities of all kinds, aimed at the realisation of its purposes or to gain resources to that goal.

3 h) Acquire and possess property of all classes and for any reason, and to celebrate acts and contracts of all kinds. Develop all actions as long as allowed under the law or its statutes.

Charity registered in the Canary Islands Nº G1/S1/15930-09/L – CIF: G76039999